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Maker's Mark I.D. on Contemporary Sterling Silver Jewelry

Hello, I am wondering if anyone here might be able to assist me in the identification of the hallmark/copyright insignia/maker’s mark shown in the larger photo. As best I can describe it - it’s a reversed dollar sign with only a single hash mark through it, as opposed to 2. It is stamped onto the bottom of each, small charm strung onto my sterling silver, heishi-fetish-styled jewelry (smaller pic). I had presumed for years that it had been fabricated by Kabana Jewelry of Albuquerque, NM, but they recently informed me that it had not. They suggested that it might have been made by Steven Stacy of Sundancer, but upon contacting them, they said no, as well. Thanks, to anyone who can help.

Correction: My original post incorrectly describes the Maker’s Mark. I apologize to all for my error.

The symbol is not in the reverse at all - it is, in fact, in the same order as a “dollar sign”, and might well be meant to represent one. I’ve reposted an inverted, or right side up, photo. I am still looking to find who the manufacturer is. Thanks again to all for having a go at it.