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Maker's Mark ID and stupid n00b question!

I’m new here so probably very ovious question first.

When was the requiremeny for the 925 stamp introduced - specivically just the numbers i.e. not in any makers hallmark as such.

And secondly I recently purchased a rather nice pice of jewelly as a present rather cheaply.

I took it someone I know who confirmed it was a nice piece but was unable to tell me any more.

Ther person I bought it from said htey beilieved it hallmarked london but couldn’t read the date. The only photo I have at present is pretty poor bt I will try and improve on that.

However I am more interested in the maker’s mark - E Ld - ??

Can any one help me there??

Any clarification very gratefully received.

Hi there,
The lion passant ceased to become a requirement as a result of the 1999 amendments to the 1973 Hallmarking Act. So effective 2000 only 925 was required on sterling silver submitted for assay in the UK. Many silversmiths continue to use the lion passant as well as the 925. Your piece looks like it was assyed in London in 1978 but as you say the pic is not that clear.
I cannot help with the maker.
Hope this helps,

Thank you so much for that.

I will try and post a better picture ASAP.

If anyone else could help with the maker?


the marks go back to 1100 - to introduce the marking of silver.
Your question is not (what you say) but it might be more specific.