Makers mark ID silver toast rack

Have an old toast rack and egg cup in silver, looking for help with a makers ID and any other info. Thanks

There is not enough of the mark to be 100% sure but I suspect it’s a generic EPNS (electroplate) mark.


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Thanks for the reply.
For a novice how can you tell the difference? There is no magnetism and the silver looks dull, there is no sign of flaking/peeling anywhere and there is no obvious NS or EPNS stamp, so can you advise what else can you go on to determine if an object is solid or plated silver?
I have seen some not too dissimilar looking solid silver toast racks pictured online and was hoping this was maybe one!

I was going by what remains of the mark which bears some similarity to Gothic / Old English style lettering which is often used on electroplate. Forget any sort of magnet testing; although silver is not magnetic, neither are many base metal alloys.