Maker's mark not found

This is a silver apostle spoon. I read the very deformed hallmarks as being London 1750, but I’d be grateful if someone (Phil?) could confirm this. Also I can’t find the maker’s mark (an “E”) on Phil’s site. Any ideas?

I can confirm London 1750. The maker’s mark is a partial mark; you can see a pellet, which would have separated 2 letters, after the E. I am pretty sure that the full mark would be the E·C of Ebenezer Coker.


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Thanks a million Phil. It’s Ebenezer Coker almost without a doubt: the letter type is right, and apparently he was a specialist spoon-maker. I would never have found him without your help. That concludes the complete description of my nice spoon (the first piece of C18 silver I collected). I’d buy you a drink, but I live in Switzerland, so you’ll have to take a rain-cheque on that!

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