Makers Mark on Cream Jug

Can anyone help me identify the maker on this cream jug. Date indicates 1802. Not sure if it’s LW or IW or JW? Thanks!

The initials are SW. However this mark is not listed in Grimwade, and I have never seen it before so I cannot help with the maker’s name.

Thanks for the “SW”. The only silversmith that seems to possibly fit the bill is Samuel Wheat. His mark is almost identical to that on the creamer. I found it in Jackson. He was first entered in 1756. Does that seem reasonable?

Samuel Wheat’s mark appears to have been similar to this one, although without the stops after both S and W. Grimwade lists Wheat’s mark and notes that his name appears as a goldworker in the Parliamentary Report list 1773, but with no later dates mentioned. However there is a fairly large gap between 1773 and 1802, the date on the creamer, so, taking that into account, together with the differences in the two marks, I don’t think that we can attribute this mark to Wheat.

Thanks for all the help. I guess that I am going to keep it with an unknown maker. Pity, that mark is so clear.

Don’t know if you’ve had any success in finding out the maker of your cream jug.

I am not convinced of the ‘SW’ and I feel that ‘JW’ is more likely.

Both John Wren or John Wirgman were operating in London between the late 18th and 19th century.

If I come up with any other possible makers I will forward them on.

I hope this is of some help. Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can of any help.



Than you very much. I’ll check the marks in Jackson and Grimwade. That was most useful.