Makers' Mark

Newbie to silver :slight_smile: I can identify most of the marks on my 2 pieces of silver, beautiful decanter labels, But I can’t identify the makers’ mark, the only name I can come up with is years after the year letter. Makers’ mark J.G, Lion passant standard, Queen Victoria’s head for duty, year mark Z for 1848, anchor for Birmingham. Can anyone help please? Both pieces have same markings, 1 is a Port label, the other Sherry

There are several JGs who could be candidates for this maker - but with different styles of punch, so a picture is essential for identification. Please ensure that the full hallmark is included in you picture.

I hope the attachment comes through and it’s clear enough

forgot to say that this label looks as though it may have been overstamped as there is another “J” but the other label hasn’t

Unfortunately this doesn’t match exactly with any of the JG marks shown in the Birmingham Assay Office’s Early Silver Hallmarks data. The only one with a stop between J & G and in a cameo punch is James George, but his mark was not registered until 1856 and he does not seem to have been in business in 1848. The most likely candidate is James Gregory, goldsmith, of Caroline Street who registered two JG marks in cameo in 1834, but with no stop between. There is still a James Gregory in business in 1847 (in Great Hampton Street) who may be the same person. It is possible that this is an unregistered mark, or that the BAO’s site does not show all variations.

Thank you. I did try to look online first and came up against a wall. I hope that the uncertainty doesn’t mean I have been overcharged for the labels! We like them anyway. I paid £195 for the pair and the weight is 25g for the 2