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Makers Mark

I found a piece at a garage sale. It has 3 picture marks (Anchor C Flower) and directly under each picture mark is the letters E F C.

Can anyone help me with this. I dont own the piece yet…but I would like to.

I don’t recognise the mark from your description. Unless anybody else has some idea we will need to see a picture, so when you get it post a picture and we’ll do what we can to help.

ok…so i did a little research…

The first pictorial marking is an ANCHOR (Birmingham)
The Second Pictorial marking is the block letter “C” inside of a round cornered square
The Third Pictorial marking is a 5 Petal Flower with what looks to be a pressing similar to this )I( in the middle.

Also, I believe this is an electroplated piece. I took a look inside of the Teapot, and the bottom of it had turned a nice emerald green color. As a plumber, I know this is a trait of brass and copper…not of silver.

Although the Birmingham Assay Office uses an anchor it does not have exclusive rights, so the anchor does not necessarily mean Birmingham. Your piece does not have the other marks (lion passant) which should also appear in a Birmingham hallmark. In any case, if it is silver plated, it will definitely not have a hallmark of any sort. The mark on your piece is a trade mark, stamped or engraved by the maker.