Makers' Marks

Just getting started, and have a silver tankard circa 1943 with makers’ mark RWB + rampant lion, crest and H, retailed by Harrods.

Cannot establish what RWB stands for; although Harrods seems to have carried a lot of RWB items during the 20’s & 30’s. Must be a stone-cold simple answer, but I can’t come up with anything and would appreciate a nod from anyone versed in RWB history.

I’m sure we can help, but we need a photo!

Have a look here, if you need some help posting images.



Here are two photos of the 1943 Silver Tankard - RWB-Harrods 1943, as requested
Wilson's Tankard-1.jpg
Wilson's Tankard-2.jpg

Hello, the piece was made in london in 1943 (the Leopard’s Head is the town mark for London - with a crown prior to 1821), but It’s too new for my experience and any of my books to show the maker’s identity.

Just for the record, the lion in the sterling mark on your piece is the Lion Passant (litterally, the passing lion) and not a rampant lion. Prior to 1821, the sterling mark was the Lion Guardant (litterally, the looking lion) where the lion is actually looking at the viewer and not straight ahead as with the Lion Passant.

The Lion Rampant (literraly, the rearing lion) was used by the Glasgow Assay Office from 1819 until it closed in 1964.

The makers mark is that of R W Burridge.


Thank you all: - - have tried to find some background on R. W. Burridge, but have uncovered nothing todate.

Is there further reference material inet accessible? i.e. was ‘R.W.Burridge’ an individual maker or a firm? How long was RWB involved with Harrods? etc.

Would appreciate any further hints in this direction