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Mappin and Webb Collection

Hello everyone,

My grandfather recently passed away and we found these under the stairs in his old house. I would just like some more information on them if that is possible.

Thank you,

I have more pictures which I shall add in another post.


Here are some more pictures, specifically hallmarks. They are constant throughout the whole collection apart from the C74/59 numbers ect.

Thank you,

Picture 023.jpg
Picture 017.jpg
Picture 008.jpg

Sorry, one more post!

Could anyone tell me what this means also? If anyone would like any more information or pictures, I would be happy to help.

Picture 009.jpg
Picture 010.jpg

This appears to be hotel plate, probably dating (going from the Hilton 63) from about 1963, which was when the Park Lane Hilton was completed. Note that this is not silver and probably does not have much value. The little 3-circle stamp which you asked about probably has no significance - it may be a quality control stamp or have some other factory-specific meaning.

I see. We thought it might not be worth much but it is good to have some confirmation. Thank you for replying to my post so promptly. May I ask if you would know what this would be made of? Or is it just imitation?

Its composition is some sort of base metal, possibly nickel silver, with an electroplated silver coating.