Mappin and Webb shell dish

I have a Mappin and Webb Princes Plate double shell dish with beautiful intricate grape and vine handle. Rd. 71553

Can you tell me anything about it and if it has any value please

Design registration number 71553 was issued in 1887 which seems far too early for Prince’s Plate. Are you sure you have read it correctly?

Your dish will have some value, although as it is electroplate, it won’t be anything like an equivalent in solid silver. Have a look at Ebay’s “Sold” pieces to see if you can find something vaguely similar. The price paid there is always, for me anyway, a realistic indication of value.


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Phil, is there somewhere we can check the design registration?

Design registrations are held by the National Archives. See

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Thankyou so nuch for your speedy reply. I thought i had read it correctly, but i will take another look
Thanks again Kate