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Mappin Brothers 'E' 1779 1/2 ?

Good Afternoon,

I have a candlestick holder / chamber stick. A couple of photos are attached.

I can read from the hallmarks that it is silver plate (needs a good clean) and is Mappin Brothers (circa 1851) with the makers name in the style MAP over PIN.

It has the Letter E hallmark and interestingly has 1779 1/2 or it could be a 1& 2 divided by a horizontal 1 ?

It looks as though it should be the year it was made - 1779, but having read online about the history of what is now Mappin and Webb, the sun trademark was first registered in 1812. I guess it is too early for plate too ?

Could anyone tell me the relevance of the 1779 and 1/2 ?

I can also faintly make out that above the hallmark that someone has lightly engraved or scratched in 8225 and below the hallmark, I can make out a ‘t’ and ‘G’ - although I cannot read the rest of it.

Thanks very much
IMG_0068 (Custom).jpg
IMG_0064 (Custom).jpg

Should have said in the original post …

The visible hallmarks are a Sun, the letter M in olde English font, the capital letter B is olde English font and then the makers mark, which is MAP over PIN

The visible hallmark to the left of the 1779 is the letter E

1779 is probably a pattern number or some other form of factory identification mark.