mappin brothers

Sir,I have 5 items marked,first with a sun mark, followed by Mappin Brothers each word in its own block.They were said to be Asparagus tongs.The 5th item is the server.There are no other marks that I can see. Before I attempt to send in a photo has anyone any ideas.Thanking you in anticipation.

Almost certainly electroplated. Silver would have a hallmark and Mappin Bros’s sponsor’s mark, M over Bros in a diamond.

Thank you for the reply.Ido understand that they are not silver.Can anyone tell me when they ceased to trade as Mappin bros.,and is it possible they have any value.If not a site where I can obtain more info.Thanks again.

Provided they are in good condition they will have some value - check out completed listings on eBay for an idea of what you might expect. For information on Mappin Bros try this link.