Mappin & Compy Sheffield?

Hi, I have been collecting old silver, mostly plated for a few years. Don’t know alot about it though. Found a helpful post on this site explaining Mappin and compy.

I have a mug/tankard marked Mappin & compy Sheffield, 71 & 73Cornhill city & 77 & 78 Oxford st, London.

I believe this means it is 1860 - 64. The only other marking is the numerals 1747 and a hallmark that could be a stylized ‘P’

I thought it was a date at first but obviously not. I would like to know more about it and whether it would be considered a collectors piece. (ie. worth anything at all?)

I know alot depends on condition, unfortunately I am unable to get a decent photo as I rely on a cheap webcamera, But any thoughts/info at all is appreciated…

Will post what i can picturewise

For anybody interested in Mappin & Co the other post you referred to can be found here.

Your mug certainly has some value as an early Mappin piece, but for electroplate so much depends on the condition of the plating.

Thanks, I will read up on how best to clean it and get a decent look. I guess dark grey/ black/blue/green areas are where the plating is thin/ gone?

Any idea what the 1747 means? is it just for identifying/dating?

Will post some better pics when cleaned

1747 is most likely a pattern number or some other sort of internal factory identification.