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Mappin & Webb 1897 But style Art Deco

I have this pichet in my golf collection, but I’m a bit puzzeled.
The engraving shows “Cannes Golf Club … won by … April 1897” but the style of this pichet is “Art Deco” and at that time the style would have been rather “Art Nouveau”.
On the bottom, there is a mark “Mappin & Webb / 9921”.
I exchanged with Mappin & Webb but they answered that they no longer have their archives.
Could anyone help me?

I am not an expert on design styles but I would describe this as Arts & Crafts, for which the 1897 date would be a very good fit.


Many thanks Phil. I’m discovering this style! Which means that I’m even less expert on design than you … but I appreciate very much your answer. Looks perfect!