Mappin Webb Teapot

I recently came across a unique item and would be grateful if anyone could help provide some information.

The item is a Sterling Silver Mappin & Webb London Teapot.

To the best of my knowledge in researching the piece the hallmarks are as follows:

There is a JNM (John Newton Mappin) hallmark, the lion hallmark (sterling silver), the uncrowned leopards head (London??) hallmark and the letter A (1896??) hallmark.

Can anyone identify the pattern? I have found other Mappin & Webb teapots but none as ornate as this one. I would greatly appreciate any assistance you could provide in determining the value and if my reading of the hallmarks is correct. Thanks

As nobody else has replied here is my pennyworth.

I assume from the pictures that this is only a small pot - normally called a bachelor teapot? If so I would suggest a value of £200-£250. As always the disclaimer on valuations applies.

Thank you for that information. I weighed and measured the teapot. It is 378 grams total weight which i belive to be about 12.15 troy oz.?? It is 21.59cm wide by 15.24cm tall. Also, could you tell me if my reading of the hallmarks was correct? Thank you again.

Yes your interpretation of the hallmarks is correct. With that weight (assuming it doesn’t include the handle, etc) current scrap value is £170.

I recieved this information from Mappin & Webb:

Your 3/4 pint Tea Pot was a part of the Afternoon Tea Service sold with a sugar bowl, milk jug, 2 tea spoons and 2 china cups and saucers in the leather case. We found in the catalogue from 1896 identical set. In 1896 the price of the whole set was £18.

The description in the catalogue is as follows:
Very handsome Afternoon Tea Service, Chased, after Cellini, fitted in the best Morocco Leather Case, lined Silk Velvet, with two fine China Cups and Saucers, two Tea Spoons and Sugar Tongs to match. Teapot holds 3/4 pint.

As your Tea Pot is sterling silver making a similar size pot today would cost approximately over £5000. It would be advisable to have your beautiful item professionally valued and insured.

Does this affect the suggested value or do you feel it is still around £200-£250? I am new to antique silver and i just don’t know. Thanks for your help.

Unfortunately the modern value of antique silver does not always reflect the amount of workmanship which has gone into it. If you had the complete set (and what fascinating reading the response from M&W is) there might very well be a bit more value in it, but as an isolated small teapot of over-florid Victorian design I cannot see it making much more than I have suggested. However it might be worth following M&W’s suggestion and getting it professionally appraised.

Thanks for your time.