Mappin Webbs Silver Sugar bowl - Princes Plate - Any help

Hi everyone

i’ve got a Mappin and Webb’s Sugar bowl (pretty sure that’s what it is). Its Rd number is 71553.

I have done some researching trying to find the exact design online but have found very similar, but not this exact design with rounded handles ball feet and ribbed design.

It has 2 engravings on it. One in calligraphy writing that I think is WHK (possibly someones initals?) on the other side is the word CONFIDO in a banner and a right hand pointing upwards with the first two fingers pointing up, the last two fingers point into the palm. I have researched this to be the Scottish Boyd family clan.

Anyway, Im just looking for any information on this item - a date, possible value and the significance of these engravings which i assume to have been done post production of the item. If anyone has any links the a photo of the same set I would be most interested to see, as I said I cannot find any images online of this exact design.

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Design registration number 71553 was issued in 1887. The bowl could therefore have been made at any time after that while the pattern was still in production. The monogram is certainly an owner’s initials - probably the first owner. The scratched number on the bottom may be an inventory number. Value is going to be pretty minimal; an electroplated sugar bowl without its creamer and teapot and with an engraving is not going to appeal to many buyers.