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Markings on 3 teaspoons

Silver or silvered? Thanks

better pictures of marks needed. Most likely silver.

Thanks for reply.

Well these marks I have not seen before. So I cannot assist.
Though the mark in picture nr 2 are not silver marks. The P (most likely) will be for plated. So that one is not silver but electroplated.

The horce mark I originally mistook for a french Minerva mark, but with second picture I see that it is not a face.
Sorry that I could not help.

Nothing looks familiar to me. Could the third one be Russian? - the mark appears to include the Cyrillic letter Ц (pronounced ts). None of the marks appears to include any indication of fineness so we can’t say what material they are made of.

Russian “Ц. ****” is common mark for fabric goods and means short for “Цена” (Price) and tells us that it costs 0.76 rubles=)
Unfortunately I don’t recognize other hallmarks.

Maybe “EE” is estonian mark of the soviet period?
P.S. This is not silver If it is soviet one.