Hello there, i have a beautiful ring with the letters R W followed by an anchor then a lion can someone help me to date this please.

I also have a fish knife and one of the markings resembles a trumpet or a bugle can someone point me in the right direction on these please, i will try and put some pic on but i just can not seem to get a clear enough image (its doing my head in ) I’ve took about 50 pics and they don’t seem to be sharper enough.
thanks in advance.

If the anchor and lion are Birmingham assay marks I would expect to see a date letter which would allow exact dating. However, the date letter has been optional since 1998, so that might give you a date range. That said, we can only confirm this with a picture. If you have a magnifying glass try photographing the marks through it. Your camera’s auto-focus should still work OK and give you a clear picture.

a finaly got a fairly clear picture .

can anyone help me with these marks please.

Thanks in advance.

These are definitely Birmingham hallmarks. As I said earlier, date letters have been optional since 1998 so it is likely that the ring was assayed since then. I don’t know who RW is.