Marks on some table item - any idea?

The 4th one looks like an &-sign

Electroplate by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield.


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I see, googling it, the trumpet and all: JD&S, and the EP a bit erased!? What is the D.K, the number and the N?

4805N will be a pattern or design number. DK - I have no idea.

Impressing, thanks! It’s this thing, for serving something on ice perhaps.

Possibly. It doesn’t look big enough for a chafing dish - for keeping food warm.


Coincidently I’ve been researching similar marks myself and can confirm that top line of symbols represent the makers marks - from left to right the first, worn symbol is probably EP, but on its side, indicating it’s electroplated nickel silver (EPNS) , the next four symbols are J D & S for James Dixon & Sons and last symbol is the firms figural trade mark ['bugle\trumpet and banner) which was registered in 1881.

The 4805N is the design serial number, possibly for 1884. DK could be the desiner for JD&S or possibly a retailer mark.