Marks? Star... Russian silver? Can you help?

Hi can somebody help with these marks? I was thinking about spanish hallmarks but not sure about it… Maybe Russian?

Hello, the piece is definitely from Spain, but I don’t know the manufacture.

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Thank you for the info. Can I ask you for the reasons? Marks? Or the type?

Hello, I know it’s from Spain because of the star hallmark, the 2nd is the hallmark of whoever made the piece. Take, for example, this bell made in Spain.

Thanks a lot I have just find it… Maker is J. Pérez Fernandéz… it is for real Spanish.

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Cool, I understood your point about the doubt of being Spanish or Russian and you were actually right on that point. But there is a way to recognize Spanish, it will have the star (representing that it is Spanish) and the manufacturing hallmark will be inside a hexagon.

Did you manage to identify the creator on a website, could you pass it on to me, please? This bell I thought I knew who the creator was, but I realized I don’t know :sweat_smile:

Well… it was a bit of luck. Just find similar on ebay with the mark maker and his name in letters minted in the side :grin: check the last photo of this offer.

Googled more his work to be sure after. It is really his work.

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