Martin Hall & Co Dish

Hello everyone, I was wondering if you could give me some information and possibly a valuation of a dish I recently inherited.

It’s stamped on the underside with MH over & Co in a shield with EPGS stamped beside it and 2898 stamped below that.
It stands at 4.75inches (12cm) high and the bowl on the top is 4.70inches (11.5cm) wide.
The bowl itself looks scalloped with 12 roughly straight edges.

On the side of the dish is a bit that petrudes by about 1.5cms and on the top of that is a stamp that says Ro 565239 (the “o” is superscript and underlined).

Now I know MH & Co is the hallmark of Martin Hall & Co, circa 1854 - 1866 and the EPGS stands for ElectroPlated German Silver (Nickel) but I would like to find out what the dish would have been used for and if possible what it’s current value would be.

Thank you in advance,

I’m not sure about use or value, but what you are seeing as Ro is RD and the number is a design registration number. 565239 was issued in 1910 so that gives an earliest possible date. Unfortunately the registration archives are not available online so we can’t look up the entry to find out how it was described.