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MARTIN HALL & CO Martinoid or Silver?

I have this nut dish? Marking on back 7273 with 4 English letters (C or G and F, a G or C and an F) and the MH & Co in a shield marking. It was purchased at an estate sale. I am unsure if its silver or Martinoid? How can I tell?
bowl 1.jpg

Can you show us a better image of the marks? This is probably not Martinoid, which normally has “Martinoid” stamped on it, and the marks you describe don’t sound like silver hallmarks. I suspect electroplate.

Sure - here ya go.
bowl (3).jpg

The letters are EPGS for electroplated German silver. German Silver is another name for nickel silver. So the dish is neither Martinoid nor silver.

Mystery solved! Thanks so much.

PS. Any idea of it’s value? I could post a photo of it whole.

From your pictures it looks like a shell-shaped butter or salt dish. Electroplated examples have very little commercial value - a few dollars only.