Mauser Basket

I have a very nice Mauser basket I would like to know about what it is worth. It is 10.4 Troy ounces. The measurements are 9.75" L, 7" W and 4.25" H, 10" with the handle up. It is stamped on the bottom with, STERLING, the Flying Unicorn Hallmark, 925-1000 FINE and the pattern #324c.
basket 003.jpg
basket 002.jpg

Hi there mhitch and thanks for joining us. Your Mauser basket was made in the mid 1890s. As I mentioned the other day when commenting on another Mauser piece, with the price of silvr over $29 a troy oz. we all have to re-think our valuations. I consider Mauser to be right up there at the top of American silver makers of the Golden Age - about 1880 to 1910 - so I’m biased toward your basket. Although its pretty plain as Mauser stuff goes, I’d still have to put a value in the range of $400+ on it.

The quoted commodity price of silver is for pure silver vs. sterling which is only 92.5% pure, and for large quanities, so the scrap value of sterling is probably more in the $20 a troy oz. range for spot pieces today, but that’s really a guess in this volative market.

I’m really glad to see your Mauser and it looks in perfect condition.


Uncle Vic