Meat Skewer - identification marks might be impossible to decipher

I have a large (probably Georgian) sterling silver meat skewer with shell design handle with most of the marks rubbed off - the lion passant assay mark seems to be the only marking to clearly identify - the date mark might be decipherable by someone on this forum…any ideas on maker or am I just out of luck on this one? Thanks!

It’s a London mark with the date letter U for 1755/56. The maker’s mark is unfortunately too damaged to identify.


Thanks Phil - that’s what I had suspected about the maker’s mark…but the date letter is very helpful!

Hello all,
Phil is always right but I think ( after checking on Phil’s fantastic website ) on this object the date letter looks more like 1775 ? I may be wrong but I hope I am right LOL.
All the very best,

1775 is correct I erred in my original post with 1755 - apologies!