Medieval silver? Help to identify

Hi all,
New tricky one for you :wink:
I have no clue where this is from and the date. I’ve tried to look but wasn’t able to find anything so any help would be really helpful. I would say it’s very old, before 1700, and probably European but that’s quite all…
Let me know!

Certainly not medieval, sorry! Hard to tell much without seeing the whole item. The maker’s mark is apparently double-struck. The style of the initials smell to me C19, C18 at best. If there are no other marks, this is probably not British silver (although there’s plenty of unmarked British silver around). Looks like a fiddle pattern handle, in which case it could be C18 French or C19 British.

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Thanks Nick! Here you have full images of the spoon.

For me, it’s definitely not British. I thought about French « fermiers généraux » hallmarks, but there is only one (double stamped) and the IFS lettering so it’s probably not that. Old Swiss maybe?? I’m in Switzerland

Yes, it certainly does look continental: no shoulders between the bowl and the stem. I’m afraid I’m not good on French silver, and even worse on Swiss (although I also live in Switzerland - in Donneloye, Vaud). Sorry not to be of more help; I hope you find out something about it.