?Missing 5?

Bought this recently - chemical test positive for silver - Why is there only a 92 visible? Most of stones are semi-precious (Citrine, Amethyst, Garnet and Peridot) 2 seem to be out of place ?maybe glass?

Any opinions of origin of piece. My thoughts is maybe Art-deco? or cheap reproduction article?


certainly looks art deco/nouveau in style, i couldnt say if it was a repro, but generally, in repros, the stones would be applied crudely and wouldnt look like that. The ‘5’ could simply been rubbed off due to wear, or perhaps the stamp wasnt applied firmly enough to include the 5. The stones may be real, or paste/glass is a better possibility. Either way its a great peice and i wouldnt hesitate to keep it in my collection. It could date pre 1900 due to the style, but my guesses are edwardian.

Hi thank you for the reply, really helped a-lot!

I paid 25.00 GBP for it, do you think it was too much?


no i dont think its that much, its a retail price no doubt, but due to the fact its not a brooch, i would happily pay that. Brooches have gne out of fashion, but are collectible. If you like the piece, it doesnt matter how much pay.