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Modern Silver photo frame

Hi All

1st post so please be gentle;-)

Have been buying silver at auction and antiques fairs for a few years with predomonantly English marks that I understand and can identify. At an auction today, I bought a modern square silver photo frame with the following marks that I’m really struggling with.

They are very small and there appears to be a 5-pointed star followed by 336 FI (I think) and then 925 - apologies for the lack of piccies.

Thanks in advance.


Welcome to the forum. Unfortunately a picture of the mark is essential for identification - your description certainly doesn’t ring any bells with me.

Thanks for the prompt response - I tried to take a photo of the marks but the marks are so small (maybe a 1/4 the size of ‘standard’ UK marks) that they are difficult to see with an illuminted loupe and the camera can barely see that there are any marks present, never mind the detail in them.

Any idea which country may have marks in this format?

Thanks again for looking.

There is a possibility (without clear photos) that the ‘F1’ could indicate Italian origin. ‘FI’ indicating Firenze, with the 335 (possibly) indicating the maker. This series of marks, with the star, was in operation from 1968

That’s a very strong possibility, John. FI is the abbreviation for Firenze (Florence). Paul, you might like to look at this link to a topic on the forum: … 38&t=27003

I couldn’t find “335 FI” listed, but it should confirm the identification as Italian.


That’s brilliant - it gives me somthing to work on.

Many thanks for your help.




336 FI
Via del Cantone 60/62
Incorporated - 16/05/1959

Again, many thanks

Now Paterna & Livi.

What a team, thanks.

I’ll be keeping a regular eye here.