Modified spoon + unknown engraving

I purchased this deformed silver plated spoon at a flea market for less than 1€. Despite it being useless due to its shape, the hallmarks and it being a 19th century Christofle spoon made me buy it. After having studied it, I’ve realised it’s got something written on its inner part, but I can’t decipher it. I suppose it’s either in French or in Hungarian, but I am not sure.
My question is whether you have seen such engraved objects before and what its purpose could be. Thank you

I’ll also upload some pictures of the engraving in case someone is able to understand the writing. I think it starts with 1891 and I also see two hearts on the edge. Hope that’s helpful.

Personally, I don’t think that’s engraving, looks like it got caught in something and scratched up when I look at the enlarged photos. Normally engraving would be more centered, I’d say.