Most odd mark in an odd area

I’m fairly confident this is silver plate. Absolutely no identifying marks on the bottom.

This reticulated basket has a mark of an eagle (or some type of bird) with a cross in it’s beak while nesting in what seems to be a king’s crown.

Quite a different mark. Any help is greatly appreciated

Yes, it is almost certainly electroplate. The mark you show is most likely an owner’s mark, a family armorial, and not a manufacturer’s mark.


Thanks so much Phil! I’m guessing finding the family is like finding a needle in a haystack. :laughing:

If it’s a British family you might like to waste a few hours searching through “Fairbairn’s Crests”, a couple of editions of which are available for free browsing online. However most armorials were not unique to a single family so, if you do find it, it will most likely be associated with several names.