"MS" English silver plate manufacturer, 1920s?

Hi Everyone,

I am trying to identify the maker of a silver coffee pot/hot water jug. It was purchased from Ellis Bros (based in Toronto and New York) in 1929. According to the Ellis Bros. catalogue it is a reproduction of Old Sheffield plate, of English manufacture and has been heavily silver plated.

The hallmark is in a stylized font and is an M superimposed onto an S, within a shield. Please see the attached picture.

There is also a “40” stamped into the bottom of the pot. Does anyone know the significance of this number?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sorry, here is the image.

Check out Ellis-Barker here:

That’s a wonderful example of the Ellis-Barker Silver Co hallmark for Silver-plate in 1912. I’m still curious about the meaning behind the M and S letters. The company apparently changed names several times from Barker Brothers in Birmingham, England and dissolved around 1992.

The link here help, too. it’s the lower left corner image for Ellis-Barker Silver Co.