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Mustard Pot, unknown "Brothers" made in England

Any help with the maker of this mustard pot or the markings? There’s an S with a 5-sided star, and a “NS” and an “AI” (as slose as I can tell). Also note that the “Bros” has two letters after it. Strange.

The text under “Made in England” is “[something] Bros Ld” (Ld for Limited) and is probably the retailer. The manufacturer is S*B for Synyer & Beddoes, a Birmingham company. “NS” is for nickel silver, a base metal alloy, and AI (which I would have expected to be A1) is most likely an indication that the nickel silver is electroplated.


Wow thanks! Synyer & Beddoes, I would have never guessed. Is this a desirable piece? It’s in excellent+ shape and has the cobalt glass liner and spoon.

All I can say is that I wouldn’t want it as it is not silver, but with liner and spoon it might appeal to someone who would like to use it.

I was able to identify it as Synyer & Beddows because they used exactly the same mark on their solid silver.

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