Mustard spoon makers?

Can anyone please tell me if they have ever come across a mustard spoon made by the partnership of Rebecca Emes & Edward Barnard?

I have been searching for such an item and I’m not even sure if Emes and Barnard (RE over EB) ever made mustard spoons. Perhaps I have been on a fools errand?

Hi Argent,
I have to say I have never seen an Emes and Barnard mustard spoon, but thats not to say they don’t exist. Certainly they made mustard pots, so they could have made the spoons to go wth, or they could have ordered new spoons from a flatware producer at the time.

I have seen Barnards spoons before, but these tend to be 20th century pieces.

Best regards

Thank you for the reply.
I have an Emes and Barnard mustard pot, hence the enquiry and I wondered if they simply sold them on their own, with one of their mustard spoons, or if indeed, as you suggest, they supplied a mustard spoon by a more practiced spoon maker…and possibly over-struck his mark.
I will keep hunting.