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My best piece of scottish silver


I’m french, and I collect scottish silver because I love Scotland since I have 12 years old. Here is, I think, my best piece, I will show you the others tonight. This quaich is in silver and is also gilted, the silversmith is George McHattie, the date letter is 1786 (I think).

The pictures :

Thanks for looking, and sorry for my english :frowning:

A beautiful piece, but I believe the date is 1817.

Could you amend your picture so that its width is a more comfortable size please. We have a suggested maximum size for pictures (width or height) of 500 pixels, but a bit bigger than 500 should still be OK.

Hi, sorry for the size, I have corrected it,

You are right, maybe it is 1817…

Thanks for sharing Ribiere. That is a great (and very scottish!) piece of scottish silver.