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My silver stash

Here are some pics of the odds & ends that I inherited from my grandmother. Some strange pieces, can’t even tell what some of them are for, so I suspect that these are pieces missing from a complete who-knows-what-it-is.

Please let me know if you know anything about any of these pieces, or if I can provide you more information that may help.

I’m likely to just sell the whole box or donate it, since I have no use for it and don’t even know how these things are to be used. But if one is special or valuable, I could separate that out, which is why I’m posting these pics here.


Hard to say much about all of that. My first guess is that the wood-handled piece goes with the chafing dish above right of the handled piece. The small handled piece might be where the fuel goes for the chafing dish. The piece to the bottom right of the large-handled piece looks like a wine bottle holder. The piece tot he right of the chafing dish looks like a trivet. The stand with the two cupid-like figures might have had a bowl or something in it for a centerpiece. It has the look to me of silvered bronze (is it really heavy?). Figural pieces do often fetch a premium I’ve found. I think all the other pieces are somewhat obvious as to what they’re for. Without seeing markings, hard to know the value, or even if they’re solid silver as opposed to silver-plate.