My trash can find! HELP Does anyone have any ideas?

My daughter and I claimed this item that was set out for trash pick-up. The owner used it as a(n) large ash-tray.

We started washing it up with a very abrasive sponge and noticed a symbol on the front? So a quizzical 11 year old insisted I google it! I clean the bottom looking for some other markings to use in my quest. Trying to research it as a “spittoon” and several hours later has lead me here.

I have since found it is either a fake or it’s from Birminingham (anchor), I have not been able to figure out the “crown” and assume maybe it was produced after 1975ish due to the lack of a Makers’ Mark.

So can anyone help us out?
Thank you,

My spittoon

It’s not Birmingham, but that doesn’t mean it’s a fake - Birmingham does not have a monopoly on the anchor mark. I can’t help, but maybe someone else can.

Thank you!

Hi there,

What a great trash find!

I haven’t been able to find that set of marks in my books, but I think its European. It may be Hanau, which were a group in Germany who basically made copies of other hallmarks for their pieces (which were still silver).

Its almost definitely silver (although if you take it to a jewellers, they can test to make sure).

The number scratched is the scratch weight, or the weight the item was (this was so people couldn’t take a significant amount of silver off it!).

Hope that helps, I will keep looking and see if I can find a match.



Thank you for your help. I was being used as an ash-tray for some time. I set aside 30min to an hour a day cleaning it up, other wise I would work on it all day.