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mysterious teespoon !!!

I am in possession of a teaspoon found under the floor in an old historic building.

Appear on the signs, but I can not determine on the basis of her age, national origin or who made it.
At the forum state for sure there will be people for whom it will be an easy task.

Happy to learn their views on the subject.

I cordially greet - irwid

Attached please find photos of teaspoons-,lyzecz … 1_x_0.html[/img]

soory its correct page,lyzecz … 1_x_0.html

Your spoon is most likely from Germany or Austria. 12 Loth indicates a silver standard of 750/1000. This was in use in Germany before 1888 and in Austria (and presumably also the whole of the Austro-Hungarian empire) before 1867.

Thank you very much for your prompt response.

In a rematch I would recommend an article written by a Polish journalist for the, single twelves,.
With the help of google translator can translate it into any language.

Best wishes, and will soon share in the forum the next discovery.

irwid … 8&cHash=ee