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Mystery Hallmark on ring i found detecting an 1800's site


Well guys, finally found a Victorian era buckle ring but hitting dead ends with the makers Mark. Would love some help if you guys dont mind! Even on the face book pages i had no luck. Many thanks in return!

[/url]Hallmarked 1880 silver buckle ring found outback WA by Marc Russo, on Flickr


When i first found it the maker looked like L E N


LEN is Lewis Edwin Neale, ring manufacturer and jeweller of 50 Northampton Street, Birmingham. I don’t have any details of when he registered his mark at the Birmingham Assay Office but he registered an identical mark to this at Chester on 23rd June 1880.



Hey Phil, thank you very much! It was really hard trying to find out that info and you nailed it .Such an exciting find out bush way down here in Western Australia


Off to the jewelers soon to be restored and cleaned