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Mystery hallmark - please help!!

I have a jug - of quite substantial weight and size - marked on the bottom JR lion Young head Victoria then a ‘C’ with a crown next to it. Is this an import mark, and if so, can someone please point me in the direction of the country it came from! Thank you!

It sounds more like a Sheffield silver hallmark. Does it look like this (apart from the JR)?

That is the mark exactly!! Than you very much. Sheffield makes sense as I believe it to be a Sheffield maker. Sorry to sound stupid, but is the mark then the Assay office and date letter combined? I have not come across this mark before.

From 1780 until 1853 there were 2 forms of the Sheffield date mark, one comprised the crown and date letter each in their own punches, and the second, nominally for smaller items, incorporated the date letter and crown together in the same punch with the positioning of the crown varying with each 25 year letter sequence. The one I have illustrated is 1846. Can you post a picture of the hallmark because there are a couple of possibilities for JR and I need to see what yours looks like before I can identify it.

Thanks so much for your help, it is greatly appreciated. I have tried to add a picture but I keep getting a message that it exceeds maximum filesize. However, I am pretty certain it is Joseph Rodgers