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Mystery of makers mark on pocket watch - please help

Recently obtained a Silver ladies pocketwatch

Inside the back casing there are…

  • 2 Standing lions either side of the number 7
  • Above this the numbers 9662
  • Above this a very thin shield shape which might also have a standing lion inside although it is so small I’d be impressed
  • above this .935

These can be seen here[/code]

I’ve been looking around on the internet to work this out and have come up with…
The lions indicate Glasgow and the lack of a date mark mean this will be from the period 1800-1819. Not sure about the 7 but the 9662 is a design number and the .935 are the parts per 1000 silver. Is this correct?

The makers mark is probably LF inside an oval but could be an LP I guess. This can be seen here.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I’ve tried my local library but there are no relevent books :frowning: