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Mystery Piece

I have a silver Paten which I’m trying to date / document for my local church. It has a single mark which I’m assuming is foreign, can anyone help? It is engraved with the following “Tribatum Gratiarium Deo Opt: Max Alanc patinam offert Matthaus Bowles Rect Ecclesia Parochialis de Donheud Sti Audrea Anno Dni 1707”. My Latin is non-existent but it appears to have been presented somewhere in 1707. Any ideas?


Jackson shows this mark with the date “Mid 17th c?”, recorded on 2 communion patens on feet and with the area tentatively ascribed to Wessex.

My O-level Latin (failed) gives a translation of the inscription as “Trusting in the grace of God the best and greatest Alanc plate presented by Matthew Bowles rector of the parish church of Donheud St Andrew in the year of Our Lord 1707”. I think you may have mis-transcribed some of the letters; for example is Alanc actually Haec (=this)?

Donhead St Andrew is in Wiltshire.

Alere is the Latin verb “to nourish” - Alenc is probably a misreading of a derivation thereof.

Thank you so much for the information and translation. You are absolutely correct on re-examination it is Hanc.

Interestingly the description is also a good match on a number of fronts. Last night I came to the same conclusion which Ian did (thanks for taking the time to post) and tracked down St Andrews Church, Donhead which is in Wiltshire (so formerly Wessex). I got in contact with them late last night and earlier today they confirmed they had a rector Matt. Bowles who served from 1684 to 1743 so it looks like I now know where the piece originally came from.

Thank you for all the help.