Nautical Nutcrackers

Hi there,

I’m glad I’ve found this forum! I acquired a set of old nut/shellfish crackers and, on close inspection, discovered that they are from the Pacific Steam Navigation Company - named in Spanish on the crest:
Companio Inglesa De Vapores En El Pacifico. I’ve read that from 1877 to 1920, they ran passenger ships as well as mail ships, so I’m guessing that these crackers date from somewhere within that period.

Can anyone help with the hallmark? I wonder if it’s Elkington & Co? The crackers are well-used and very solid, weighing 150g. I’ve attached a bunch of photos which I hope are of sufficient quality to help with ID.

I’d be very grateful for any thoughts on this rather lovely item.

Yes I think they were made by Elkington and possibly date to 1868 (letter F):