necklace (individual peruvian pictorials joined)

i have come accross what appears to be a necklace (30 inches long) (5 ounces in weight)
markings 925 jfg and looks like peru under that.
there are 6 different types of links which i believe are peruvian pictorials,total 23 links
could someone give me any idea what it might be worth or how old it could be
silver necklace1.jpg

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for joining us on
I have to say I am no expert on Peruvian necklaces, but the 925 stamp suggests that it is sterling silver.
I will try and find some information for you, and will let you know if I find anything. Hopefully someone else using the site may have a better idea of age.

Daniel Franks

Usually items with just “925” are post-1970 as there was a treaty entered that year to standardize some countries silver, particularly Central and South American. This info comes from a recent article in Antique Week newspaper here in the States.

Uncle Vic

I have a great deal of vintage Peruvian jewelry. Your necklace appears to be vintage 50’s-early70’s. If it is marked Plata 925 or 925 or 950 it is sterling. I have one similar to your design. 30" is usually not a necklace. Mine is a belt. Yours may be a belt too. Hope you enjoy your jewelry as much as I enjoy mine.
Turtle Lady

Hi there!

I haven’t seen such a vintage silver just like what you have right now? Are they your collections? What made you decide of collecting these kinds of jewelries? Anyhow, you could always consult your concerns about the aging of these necklaces. Believe me, it was all a total investment. The black market will appraise these in thousand of dollars.