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Need Estimate for stolen antiques candlesticks

I have never gone on a forum like this before but I need the help of someone knowledgeable in the field of sterling silver antiques. Recently we had MANY family heirlooms stolen from our home. Too many to identify. However, I do have some photographs of the antique Tiffany & company candlesticks, Elkington & Co. candlesticks, and several other antiques that I cannot identify. As our home owners insurance doesn’t cover sterling silver, we will not be reimbursed for any of the stolen items. However, getting a good estimate of the market value will help the police with the arrest (long story). Plus, we do have some items remaing that we would like to have insured. I would like to post some pictures and see if anyone can help. Many thanks!

OMG! I keep trying to attach pics but can’t!! I’l try again. Thanks for patience.
Tiffany Candlesticks Matching set.jpg

I suggest you take a look at completed eBay auctions to try to find similar items.

I have removed your duplicate post under Photographing Silver.

Thanks for your suggestion. I actually have looked on e-bay under completed sales but nothing compares. I’ll keep trying. Thanks again:)