Need Help Identifying a Walker & Hall Jewelry Box

I’m hoping someone can help me learn more about this Walker & Hall jewelry box.

I’ve posted a large photo that shows the marks on the bottom of the box. There is a W&H flag logo. Beneath this it reads Walker & Hall, Sheffield, England. There is also a number 112 1/2 A. A couple inches below this is a small 79 and the letter E in a circle.

I would like to find out when this piece was made. Also, is there a way to tell if this item was sold in Australia? The number mark 112 1/2 is followed by the letter A off to the right. This letter appears to have been stamped by hand at a later time. Could the A stand for Australia?

Thank you for your help.



Hello Susan,
Your box seems to be Britannia metal, on which Walker & Hall did not stamp date letters. However the configuration of the wording ‘Walker & Hall, Sheffield, England’ dates it roughly to between1891 and 1916. The numbers are catalogue pattern numbers and the letter A is more likely to denote the plating quality than the destination market. A, A1 and B1 are often found on W&H pieces. The indication that it was stamped later suggests that it was applied after the piece was plated with that particular quality of plating.

Most of the Waker & Hall records were destroyed, so it would be almost impossible to say whether your box was especially destined for export.

I hope this helps .


Looks like you have got a very rare box from the old days. I have never seen this box before but you can try searching for the company name written on that box. Why you want to know the address of the place where it is made, I don’t think you will get any existence of the company. It would be better if you start using that box and get it silver plated again so that it would looks like new again.

Contrary to what the previous poster suggested, I would strongly advise against trying to have the box replated. Britannia metal becomes porous with age and replated EPBM pieces will usually start to blister, as air within the metal tries to escape. Just polish the box with a proprietary brand of non-abrasive silver polish, and enjoy the patination which has built up over the years.