Need Help identifying American? Silver Mark

I have what appears to be an antique sterling silver (looks too thin to be silver plate) spoon with the mark WILLIAMS on the back (sorry, can’t get a good pic, but letters are all caps). I cannot find this mark anywhere. Would also like to know what kind of spoon this is (sugar?, fruit? or?) and, if possible the pattern.


Jean, thanks for joining us here on Your spoon was probably made by the Williams Bros. Mfg. Co. in the early 1900s. It is silverplate as that is all they made, plus, as on almost all American silver, the lack of the words “sterling” or “925/1000 fine” is a sure clue that its plated. Many of the Williams patterns are shown on, and there is one very close to yours, and a few without photos. I’m not much of a flatware expert, so won’t venture a guess on what your “pointy” spoon was intended for.

Thanks again for joining us.

Uncle Vic Roy

Thanks for the quick reply Uncle Vic! I’ve checked Replacements, LTD., as well as several other identification sites, but I think this piece is too thin to be plated - at least, I’ve never seen Silver plate this thin. So I’m puzzled - could it be coin silver? or made before the U.S. required the 925 marking? Still pondering!

Hi Jean and Uncle Vic,
I had a look at the pic and I think it is a jam spoon, probably part of a set of two of four. These spoons were always very delicate, even in silver, so it doesn’t surprise me that yours is thin.

Hope that helps a bit,

Jean, I doubt it is coin with that mark. There has never been a legal requirement that American sterling be marked in any way, but because sterling was (and still is) expensive, the makers all made sure to mark it “sterling” or “925/1000 FINE” to set it apart from silver plated.

Daniel, thanks for the help on the jam spoon, and Jean, thanks again for joining us.

Uncle Vic

Hi Vic & Daniel,
I think “Jam spoon” may be the answer. Still haven’t found that pattern, but so be it. Thanks for the help!!

pictures of sterling markings on mirror - thanks in advance - john

For Jean L:
The pattern of your spoon appears to be Adolphus by the Mount Vernon Co.

For cardaholic:
The mark is R Blackington I Co.