Need help identifying antique silverware set

Can anyone tell me the maker, year, or value of this set? I’m not finding anything on it.
Thank you!

This set is electroplated and not silver as there are no indications of silver fineness. At a first glance I thought it was by James Dixon & Sons of Sheffield but the first letter of the manufacturer’s mark appears to be “F” rather than “J”. I cannot find the mark “FD&S” listed anywhere.

Better news on the date though. The diamond mark on the handle is a British design registration mark. Although your picture is not clear enough to see all of the details I can see that the year of registration is 1848. This does not mean it was made in that year but it is very possible that it was made within a short period (say 10 years) after that. However, popular designs could have a long period of production so I can’t be too precise about the date. You can find out how to read the registration mark here.

Value is very difficult to determine as there appears to be damage due to plating loss.