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Need help Identifying brush!

Hey guys! This is my first post and I know it is customary on forums to first introduce oneself, but I literally made this account to have this particular piece identified.

On the sides of it, it has the following engraved:

Sterling 925 Fine 0620 PAT JUNE 30 1903

Here is a picture of it:

On the top, it looks to be a woman holding two flowers.

I greatly appreciate any help! Thanks! :smiley:

Hi there and thanks for joining us. Your bursh is almost certainly American (the word “sterling” and “925 Fine” tells us that). Look a little closer in the area where these words and the patent date are stamped on the edge and you should find a maker’s mark that will identify the manufacturer. It has the look of Mauser Mfg. Co. of NY, and its mark is a very small unicorn. Also just under the “925” look for “1000”. And a question: is the “Fine” in all caps?.

A close up photo of the marks would help us identify the maker.


Uncle Vic