Need help identifying date letter

Hi, I hope you can help me. I found this ring in a field while out walking and im trying to find out when and who made it.
Sadly Im 90% sure its junk because it looks Ugly and very poorly made, but id like to make sure before i throw it away or sell it.

So far i’ve figured out its Solid silver, british and assayed in London but im having trouble with the date letters case and font.

From my untrained eye it looks like it could be an upper case S? with a square border with chopped corners. From info here- [url][/url] it says the font would either be Script, Serif or Sans Serif. With that border style that means it was made in 1953 or 1992, dependant on the font. Would that be right?

As for the Makers mark, its too faint to get a photo of and has some silver spilt over the edge but with a magnifying glass i could make out MH or perhaps M.H. but I havent been able to find any British Makers with that seal yet.
Only one MH I could find, a (Michael Homer [Dublin] ) 18th c./2nd half. But that doesnt seem to match with what i could find out about the date letter.

Any light you could cast on my find would be greatly appreasiated.
Yours thankfully Ron.
hallmarks# 007.jpg

Hi Ron,
It is hard to tell the difference between those two S marks isn’t it?? There is a slight difference which you tend to notice when you see these marks day in day out, which is in the top of the S mark for 1973 (also the London mark is slightly different). Your mark doesn’t have this, so it therefore must be the 1992 mark.
I’m afraid I don’t know any makers from this period, my knowledge of makers marks tends to stop in the 1930’s. Hopefully someone else might recognise it.

Hope that helps a bit

Hi again, just noticed it was 1953 not 73 you were asking about! Its definitely not the 1953 mark, the S is a lot straighter in 53.


Many thanks Daniel.

As suspected. This comfirms it was just junk.

I guess, from the untidy crafstmanship and the 1992 date it was probably handcrafted by a begginer or as part of a metalworking/jewelry class or workshop.

Now I dont know what to do with the damn thing. I suppose it would be worth little more than its weight in silver. Well… easy come easy go. :slight_smile: