Need help identifying Hallmarks on silver bowl please

Hello. I bought this silver sugar bowl at an antique shop in Idaho 30yrs ago and have not been able to identify the Hallmarks on the bottom-except for the middle mark, which I believe is the year 1854. On the bottom it says’ MADE IN SHEFFIELD ENGLAND ’ underneath the 3 Hallmarks. Scratched on the bottom is ’ #282 ’ and a capitol ‘A’ with a small ‘ac’ (the ‘ac’ are underlined) and then what looks to be ‘pr’. You can clearly see the copper coming through in areas. I also have a picture of the design on the front, which I hope will help. I would greatly appreciate any help since I have spent a lot of time looking online- to no avail. thanks.
Britt's Pics 050.jpg
Britt's Pics 049.jpg
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As you have noticed copper showing you will be aware that this is electroplated rather than solid silver. Only solid silver has hallmarks so the Old English T is not a date code; it is part of the manufacturer’s trade mark, which reads LTCo. I cannot identify this company, but from the style of the bowl I would suggest it dates from the mid-20th century.