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Need help identifying item and hallmark

Thanks in advance for any help in identifying this item or it’s hallmarks. We purchased this item at an estate auction. It is a scalloped edge glass bowl in a very intricately embossed sterling pedestal stand. To our mostly untrained eye the glass bowl does not look as old as the sterling stand but it is a perfect fit.

More importantly we are trying to figure out the hallmarks. From my research I believe the first is the Lion Passant Guardant which tells me the piece is Sterling and that is British. The middle hallmark looks like a crowned Leopard which I believe is the city mark for London pre 1822. I’m guessing the third mark is the makers mark which looks more like a pictogram than a set of initials but I really can’t tell what it is a picture of. There does not appear to be a date mark which is what really has us confused. There are two small indentations to the right of the makers mark which are in the photo but barely visible. I think these are just indentations but I guess it could be possible that it is the date stamp which did not make a clear impression.

We would certainly appreciate any information or ideas.

IMG_3743 (500x375).jpg
hallmarks (3) (500x375).jpg
centerpiece (4) (423x500).jpg

Not a London mark. It’s the mark of Gebruder Dingeldein of Hanau. See this page for further information.

Thank-you so much for this information!!!

I would not have found this on my own as I was focused on just researching British Hallmarks as I was under the impression that the Lion Passant Guardant was only used on British Silver.

Your reply was very helpful in resolving this question as well as giving me guidance for future researching.

Thanks Again!!!